Episode 13: Better Bid, Better Business

with Jim Evans

Episode 13 of the Quit Getting Screwed Podcast acts as a more residentially targeted sequel to Episode 12, this time featuring Jim Evans from the prominent trades technology company, BidClips. Jim has spent more than a decade of his professional career working in construction, aiming to make the industry easier and more streamlined for contractors and customers alike. Together with Karalynn, he delves into how technology can be a massive asset for the residential contractor and what his software can do for them.

Jim got his start in the industry with his family’s auto glass business in his early twenties. Pretty soon, the company developed from doing just auto glass gigs to doing residential glass projects. During his time with the company, they grew from one storefront to eight across the state—and Jim gained essential first-hand perspective into starting, running, and owning a business in the construction industry. Throughout the process, Jim fell in love with a specific element of it all; Customer Experience, or as he refers to it, Customer Care.

Throughout his time in the industry, Jim noticed that many of the best practices were no longer genuinely the best way to go about getting things done; They were simply the methods by which trades folk had done things in the past. In trying to figure out how to make operations more accessible for both contractors and clients, Jim became intrigued by technology and its many benefits in the trades and eventually developed his own technological company, BidClips.

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Throughout the episode, Jim unwraps the wide world of trades technology and especially highlights the many advantages of BidClips and other programs like it. If you are a residential contractor, the information shared in this episode is especially for your ears. Tune into this episode for the inside scoop on the game-changing tech in the residential construction world.

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