Episode 12: Tech and the Trades

with Rob McKinney

Things are changing in the construction industry, and Karalynn is joined in Episode 12 of the Quit Getting Screwed Podcast by Rob McKinney, the “Con App Guru,” to talk about it. As iPhones, iPads, and other various devices have become the norm, Rob has spearheaded a massive effort in researching and implementing technology into the daily operations of trades professionals. From digital contract documents and bidding software to daily reports and project management tools, technology in the trades is rapidly normalizing. After beginning his career in construction safety, Rob pivoted to technology and has since committed his career to finding, fixing, promoting, and polishing programs meant to make construction a more organized, accessible, and well-oiled industry.

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Rob met James Benham, owner of JBKnowledge, less than a decade ago, and began travelling the country with him as a technology specialist. Together, they talked to hundreds of construction company owners and employees about their needs on the job, garnering an idea of what would most help the industry thrive. “Just like the contract in construction, software seems to be built from a top-down perspective,” says Rob. He considers how, in his early career, he saw the greatest need on the side of the subcontractor  , but the greatest supply of beneficial tech was being produced with mostly General Contractors in mind. He wanted to change that dynamic, and after joining together with James and a team of other trades tech enthusiasts, he aided in developing the construction technology podcast, The ConTech Crew, to scout for and highlight the many kinds of tech a contractor could use to benefit their business, and in what ways they can make it happen.

Rob goes on to tackle in-detail specifics of a few different kinds of software and offers some suggestions for where to begin when looking for software that would best aid your company. For more about Rob, his story, and how to find the best construction software for you, be sure to tune in!

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