Real Estate Law


The Cromeens Law Firm is a Houston-based law firm that engages in a full range of real estate services including complex commercial transactions, leasing, development of commercial properties, and title disputes. The Cromeens Law Firm represents both individuals and companies on all sides of real estate transactions or litigation, meticulously working to ensure that all parts of the deal are in our clients’ best interests.

The Cromeens Law Firm’s goal is to add value to each of our client’s transactions or litigation experience. The Cromeens Law Firm provides timely, cost-effective, quality service to its clients based on each client’s desire and the transaction or litigation needs. 

The Cromeens Law Firm is committed to teamwork between its attorneys and practice areas. Our attorneys not only have a depth of knowledge in their practice areas, but they work alongside our other attorneys to provide each client a breadth of experience as well. This enables our attorneys to implement effective strategies and enhance the service we provide to our clients. Integrating all facets of a complex project can be challenging, but by encouraging communication between attorneys who specialize in different areas, our client’s needs are met in an individualized manner. The firm’s commitment to teamwork ensures that the most relevant experience – no matter how specialized – is always available to assist our clients. 

Our lawyers represent property and building owners, property managers, real estate developers, title insurance companies, landlords, and tenants. Our attorneys’ familiarity with the industries we service enables us to communicate and coordinate directly with specialized industry advisors who may also be retained. 

Whether you are purchasing, selling, developing, leasing, or dealing with a title dispute, The Cromeens Law Firm is here for you. Our attorneys take care to ensure that all decisions and steps are aligned with your longterm goals. Our attorneys are experienced in providing counsel and legal expertise with respect to real estate transactions, commercial leases, development contracts, and title issues. 

Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions can be particularly risky for businesses. If something falls through or you sign a contract with unfair terms, the deal could place your entire company in jeopardy. If you make a wrong move, your bottom line could suffer, and you could find your company in a difficult financial situation. Some businesses may even face the foreclosure of their commercial properties, which can devastate a company. 

Because of the high value of many commercial properties, you have a lot to gain by investing in or selling commercial real estate. However, due to the substantial value, there is also a lot to lose when a commercial real estate transaction goes wrong. The Cromeens Law Firm can handle any stage of a commercial transaction including:

  • Full contract review, due diligence, negotiations, representation, and advice throughout the transaction, so you don’t have to worry about missing any potentially harmful terms of the transaction.
  • Purchases, sales, and development of commercial real estate.
  • Preparing Purchase and Sales Contracts, Financing Documents, and guiding you through the closing process.

To accommodate all of our client’s needs, we offer a combination of both flat-rate pricing and the traditional general retainer. If you need just one thing or are new to hiring an attorney and want to test out the water, some of our flat-rate pricing may be the perfect option for you. 

For real estate law, we offer a residential title commitment package at a flat-rate. 

Residential Title Commitment Review: 

  • We will review the title commitment, all title exceptions, give explanations and answer any of your questions – $750

If you are in Real Estate Investment, make sure to check out our Construction Law page to learn more about our pricing for Construction Contract Review and Creation. 

Commercial Leases

Signing a commercial lease can also prove risky for a business. You want to ensure the terms of a commercial lease agreement are fair and favorable to your company as a tenant. Too often, even a savvy company owner will fail to identify unfavorable terms in a commercial lease until after signing the lease and moving the business into the space. Business owners have too much at stake to not hire qualified legal representation to serve throughout every type of commercial real estate transaction. The Cromeens Law Firm can handle any stage of a commercial lease including:

  • Reviewing, drafting, and negotiating commercial leases on behalf of either landlords or tenants. Whether you own or rent a retail, office, medical-oriented, or warehouse property, we can help you with your contractual needs as well as handling any issues with renters or landlords should they arise
  • Landlord/tenant disputes involving rent, subleases, assignment, termination, additional rent and charges under the lease, tenant improvements, holdovers, renewals, maintenance, use of the premises, and other lease defaults. We have handled numerous matters involving commercial lease remedies, such as evictions, lockouts, and property foreclosures. 

Development and Contracts

Whether you are attempting to draft development contracts, enforce contract terms, or being accused of breaching your contract, our attorneys can help you fully understand your rights regarding the contract and layout a strategy to help you obtain the best possible outcome. Breach of contract disputes require a strong attention to detail and deep knowledge of contract law, and our lawyers possess both. 

Our work in this field representing both plaintiffs and defendants gives us a unique perspective to address these matters. We draw from years of experience to craft a strategy unique to your needs, predict the arguments the other side will make, and anticipate potential problems before they develop. The Cromeens Law Firm can handle any facet of construction contracts including: 

  • Drafting and negotiating construction contracts.
  • Enforcing or removing mechanic and materialman’s liens.
  • Disputes with financial institutions, engineers, and architects. 

Title Issues

A title issue can stop any real estate transaction from completion. When your property rights come into dispute and something to which you are entitled has been taken or is being taken from you, you need a lawyer who will stand up for your interests. Whether your dispute is about general ownership rights or particular rights such as driveway easements or oil, gas, and mineral royalties, we can help. 

The Cromeens Law Firm helps clients litigate or negotiate title disputes ranging from the most straightforward to the most complex. We have the experience to represent clients in a range of title disputes, including:

  • Title and use disputes, including actions to quiet title, trespass to try title, trespass, adverse possession, and nuisance.
  • Resolution of property boundary, access, and easement disputes.
  • Disputes over which property a deed actually conveyed or who had the right to convey property.
  • Carefully Researching and Interpreting Deeds.
  • Commercial and residential property deed restrictions, foreclosures, tax liens, lien priority, title examinations, fraudulent conveyances, and nuisance. 

The Cromeens Law Firm assists clients in resolving the real estate related disputes they face on a daily basis. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to counsel clients on risks, to seek resolutions that avoid costly litigation, and, if necessary, to aggressively pursue our clients’ rights in both state and federal court as well as in arbitration, mediation, and other methods of dispute resolution. 

We have successfully assisted businesses in a wide variety of commercial real estate transactions and will always strive for the best possible result with every client we serve. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in Texas commercial real estate law and bring a practical and cost-effective approach to each transaction.

Some matters may be eligible for flat-rate pricing.