Knowledgeable. Diligent. Professional. These are but a few words used to describe the dependable team at The Cromeens Law Firm, PLLC. Based in Houston, The Cromeens Law Firm, PLLC, is a full-service firm that has been delivering exceptional personalized representation since 2006. Our highly experienced attorneys focus on business, construction, and real estate-related cases. Our firm is committed to providing quality, cost-effective results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

When you choose The Cromeens Law Firm, PLLC, know that you are choosing a diverse team of trustworthy attorneys who have a variety of tools at their disposal to protect your rights - regardless if you are a plaintiff or defendant. Our true purpose is to protect and defend all that you have worked hard for and be your partner in business.

What Our Clients Say

Mechanic's Liens Q&A from the Cromeens Law Firm

Attentive and friendly staff. This firm helps with all of our construction legal needs.

—Shelby Sellers

The Cromeens Law Firm has been a very beneficial asset to my company, always friendly and very informative. They never back down from a fight and always give professional service. Especially Jonelle, she has been great to work with and attentive to our needs

—Dana A

Client-Driven Representation

Litigation, whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, can be a financially and mentally strenuous situation. Because the laws that affect construction, business, and real estate can be convoluted, you need to partner with the right team who has the necessary legal proficiency to get you positive results. While legal disputes can be costly in terms of time and expenses, at times they are necessary in order to avoid larger damages down the road.

Thankfully, our Texas attorneys have the resources, capabilities, and experience to effectively litigate your claim, regardless of the size of costs. Because our attorneys each come with their own unique backgrounds and skill sets, they are able to pool their resources together to develop the strongest strategy possible to help you reach satisfactory results.

Our Texas construction, real estate, and business attorneys have represented clients involved in:

  • Construction and Real Estate
    • Collections (individual and business)
    • Construction Claims
    • Construction Defaults and Defects
    • Contract Drafting and Disputes
    • Eviction and Lease Enforcement
    • General Business
    • Liens
    • Litigation
    • Title Issues
  • Mechanic’s Liens
    • Residential Projects
    • Non-Residential Projects
    • Public Works Projects
  • Contract Disputes
  • Business Law
    • Breach of Contracts and General Contract Reviews
    • Business Formation
    • Collections
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Claims
    • Insurance
  • Collections
    • Contract Disputes
    • Debt Collections
    • Liens
    • Litigation
    • Post-Judgment Collections

We work hard to resolve legal disputes in a cost-effective manner while providing top-tier customer service. We are dedicated to our clients and will be with you every step of the way so that you understand the complexities of your case.

Call (713) 715-7334 to take advantage of a FREE consultation with a lawyer at our offices in Houston or San Antonio.

We are your first line of defense, not your last resort.

Your lawyer should be truthful and upfront about the likelihood of success for your case. We know that your business - and potentially your livelihood - can be affected by the outcome of your legal situation, so that is why we here The Cromeens Law Firm, PLLC, will only provide you a solution that makes financial sense.

At The Cromeens Law Firm, PLLC, we believe that we are partners with our clients. We believe in building relationships founded on trust and recognize that you have plenty to deal with already. This is why we work in partnership with you to minimize the hassle that comes with dealing with your legal needs. We work fast and strike hard to eliminate time-consuming tasks such as document and trial retrieval. If necessary, members of our team will be available to come to your workplace or office for meetings so that you do not have to worry about losing time commuting.

Effectiveness. Quality. Results. It’s what we aim for.

Trustworthy Business, Real Estate, and Construction Lawyers in Texas

We have a proven track record of delivering successful results for clients throughout the State of Texas including the metro areas of Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Our lawyers stay informed on all the latest changes in federal and state laws and regulations that affect the ever-changing legal environment surrounding the business, real estate, and construction industries.

At The Cromeens Law Firm, PLLC, we provide:

Personal, one-on-one services: Your situation is real and you depend on real results. We never take our clients lightly and work hard to earn their trust.

Practical, effective, and honest legal counseling: It is our goal to get at the source of your issue and provide you with options that will give you the results you are looking for. We also offer our clients a direct line of communication with our attorneys.

Aggressive legal representation. Our Texas attorneys are well versed in Texas laws that affect business, real estate, and construction. Because of this, we know exactly which tools to make you whole once again.

We pride ourselves on our ability to get positive results for our clients. In fact, our forceful advocacy on behalf of our clients has led to people and companies we previously went up against turning to us for legal representation when they needed help.

What to Expect at Your FREE Consultation

At Cromeens Law Firm, PLLC, we believe in the value of our services, and because of this, we offer a FREE consultation to potential clients. We adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior and have a proven track record for obtaining the best possible results for every case we take.

Your FREE consultation will include:

  • A confidential one-hour meeting with one of our committed attorneys.
  • A thorough evaluation and assessment of your particular legal issue.
  • An analysis of your goals and objectives.
  • A plan of action to deliver the results you seek.

We take pride in offering creative legal solutions for the challenges our clients face.

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