Meet Karalynn

Amazing wife, outstanding mother to three super-talented daughters, small business owner, and committed leader to more than 25 employees, Karalynn has been a licensed attorney for more than seventeen years. After opening a material supply company with her husband, Karalynn has spent her entire legal career advising countless clients on how to stay out of litigation, collect the money they are owed, and grow prosperous businesses.


About Her Mission

Published author, award-winning lawyer, devoted leader, and seasoned managing partner of The Cromeens Law Firm (TCLF), Karalynn Cromeens is sparking change in the construction industry.

Throughout 2021, Karalynn published two Amazon best-selling books, Quit Getting Screwed: Understanding and Negotiating the Subcontract and Quit Getting Stiffed: A Texas Contractor’s Guide to Collections and Lien Rights. In addition, she developed an educational platform intended to teach subcontractors all they need to know about their contracts and liens called The Subcontractor Institute and premiered The Quit Getting Screwed Podcast to make cost-free industry insight available to contractors across the country. Providing the education needed for contractors to recognize and understand dangerous contract terms, as well as their lien and collection rights, has become Karalynn’s personal mission.


Learn how to Level the Playing Field with Karalynn Cromeens

Past Partners

Karalynn has written for numerous blogs, been covered in multiple industry magazines, appeared on a vast number of hit podcasts, and been a keynote speaker at many incredible industry conferences. Below are examples of those she has partnered with in the past.

The Contractor Fight
The ConTech Crew
Digital Builder
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Educational Speaking:
Painting Contractors Association 2022
Finishing Contractors Association 2022

ELECTRI International 2021
Maestro Construction & Infrastructure Conference 2021
MT Copeland Contract Course


Book Karalynn

Multi-Session Speaker- $3,500
Have Karalynn speak for multiple sessions at your conference, tradeshow, or convention. 

Single-Session Speaker- $2,500
Have Karalynn speak for one session at your conference, tradeshow, or convention

Guest Webinar- $500
Have Karalynn give a virtual presentation to your network, community, or association. For an additional cost, a fill-in-the-blank handout can be made for attendees. 

Webinar Series- $1,500
Have Karalynn give a series of 3 virtual presentations to your network, community, or association. For an additional cost, a fill-in-the-blank handout can be made for attendees. 

Book Signing- $500 to $2,000
Have Karalynn, accompanied by copies of her Amazon best-selling book, Quit Getting Screwed: Understanding & Negotiating the Subcontract, attend your event. Prices vary depending on whether attendees or the event will be responsible for purchasing books.

Podcast Advert- $50, $100, or $150.

Have Karalynn feature your business or product in a 30-60 second advertisement spot on The Quit Getting Screwed Podcast. Prices correlate to 1,3, or 5 episodes of content promotion. All ads are recorded by Karalynn herself. For an additional cost, we can provide a copy.


Why Karalynn Cromeens?

Unparalleled Perspective:

Not only does Karalynn have the expertise of someone with 17 years in construction law under her belt, but she was also raised in a family full of subcontractors—and while in law school, began a material supply company with her husband. Her experience within the industry spans to cover every element of the blue-collar workforce, allowing her a vast perspective with which to approach a problem. She has run a business, she has defended subcontractors legally, and she has experienced the work and labor that goes into subcontracting first-hand. If anyone knows what tradies need most, it’s Karalynn.

Custom-Built Content:

What especially sets Karalynn apart is the unique nature of her contributions. Every presentation or blog is individually catered to the conference or publication’s audience, theme, and goals. Contributions are developed after in-depth conversations with the partner’s team. Due to her broad spectrum of experiences, Karalynn can adjust her messaging to any kind of contractor and can cover any area of construction leadership and law that suits the needs of the client.

Solution-Driven Mindset:

Karalynn’s approach to all her presentations, interviews, and blogs is to inform her audience and equip them with proven, protected solutions that they can put into practice on their own after it is over. Her goal is to educate, inform, and protect her audience, so every attendee, listener, or reader can leave the experience with a new understanding, and often a new skill.

Clear, Easy-To-Understand Delivery:

Legal terminology is not known for clarity, but with Karalynn at the helm of the discussion, the convoluted language simply melts away. A cornerstone of Karalynn’s approach is her “Plain English” terminology. She believes all parties should be able to fully understand the language in their contracts and seeks to lead the industry in making this the norm. That being the case, it is a top priority that all her presentations and blogs are digestible for all members of her audience.