We answer a few of our most frequently answered questions here.

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What does a construction lawyer do?

A construction lawyer handles numerous different legal needs for construction businesses, such as subcontractors and material suppliers, including but not limited to contract review, payment collection such as mechanic’s liens, breach of contract claims and litigation, employment law, and OSHA guidance. We, as your law team, draw up and review construction contracts to ensure you are protected on the front end to prevent costly disputes later on. We also represent you in negotiations and in court if it reaches that point.

Do I need a construction lawyer?

It is recommended to consult with a construction attorney if:

  • You run a construction business and need a partner to help you grow your business and limit your risks and liabilities.
  • You are starting a new project and want to make sure the subcontract or construction contract you are signing is a fair, legally sound document.
  • You haven’t been paid on a job and need to file a mechanic’s lien to secure your right to payment.
  • You are having a conflict with your employee or need to set-up an employee handbook and processes to ensure you are following local and federal laws.
  • You have been issues an OSHA citation and need an attorney to represent you in the administrative proceedings.
  • You need to file a lawsuit or a lawsuit has been filed against you.

If you have any doubts or concerns before starting your next project, reaching out to a construction law firm to understand the process and ensuring you are entering into a fair contract might be helpful.

What is a mechanic's lien?

A lien is the vehicle used to make the amounts you are owed a secured debt. A lien is a piece of paper filed in the real property records that says you have an interest in this property because you have not been paid for labor and/or material used to improve the property. It is a public record, there for the world to see. A subcontractor attorney and material supplier attorney can ensure the mechanic’s lien is filed properly so that you can secure your debt and get paid for what you are owed! If the owner does not pay off the lien, the attorney can get a court order forcing the sale of the property to pay off the lien.