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OSHA Defense Lawyers for Compliance Issues, Administrative Proceedings & Employee Claims

Here at The Cromeens Law Firm, our dedicated team of attorneys are ready to help you through any OSHA compliance issues, administrative proceedings, or employee claims your business may be up against.

At The Cromeens Law Firm, we understand construction laws.

If you have an OSHA concern, most likely it needs to be addressed immediately. Your question or issue cannot wait days while you wait for a typical law firm to return your call. We are here to answer your calls and questions right away! We understand how important and urgent the issues subcontractors and material suppliers face on a daily basis and we are here to help. When working with The Cromeens Law Firm you can always expect a call back within one business day! Guaranteed response within ONE business day from your attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact The Cromeens Law Firm right away! We can guide you and protect your business through the OSHA Citation and Construction Safety Violation Claims process.

An OSHA violation is a serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly, a citation or claim can expose your company to hefty fines and significant risks. Let us protect you as we handle your Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) citations and alleged violations. As The Texas Subcontractor Attorney, we are well versed in advising and representing subcontractors across the state of Texas through the in-depth and tricky OSHA administrative proceedings’ process.

Here at The Cromeens Law Firm, we take a proactive approach in helping our clients be prepared to handle Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) visits. If an OSHA official arrived at your job site today, are you prepared on how to handle it best? Prevention and early intervention are the keys to successfully handling OSHA violations, claims, or citations. Work with one of our attorneys to create a custom safety plan and an OSHA inspection plan for you and your team. With The Cromeens Law Firm on your side, you will be prepared to handle any OSHA visit with ease.

We will work quickly with you to resolve the OSHA matter though an informal conference and negotiation to get you and your team back to work with minimal interruptions. If no resolution is available, The Cromeens Law Firm is ready to help you contest your case and defend your construction business against an OSHA claim.


If an immediately reportable event, such as a hospitalization or death, occurs at your job site, call the attorneys at The Cromeens Law Firm immediately. If there is a death or serious injury at a construction site, OSHA will show up and start interviewing everyone. Our team can help you best handle this situation and limit the consequences.  

Employees are protected under specific laws if they report a potential OSHA violation. Abrupt actions taken against an employee in this situation can leave your business in a vulnerable position. You need to consult with one of our attorneys here at The Cromeens Law Firm before taking any action. Our experienced team of OSHA and employment attorneys can help guide you through the employee claims process and prepare you for any inspections, investigations, or negotiations. 

All of our OSHA legal services are available through our general retainer. Our general retainer only requires a refundable deposit of $2,500.00, and we will be your on-call legal team to answer all of your OSHA related legal questions. You are only billed at your assigned attorneys hourly rate if and when you need our help; if not the $2,500.00 stays as a deposit for when you do need us. All of our services are available under this one deposit, which includes liens and collections, contract creation/review, dispute resolution, employment law, and more!

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The Cromeens Law Firm offers a comprehensive retainer package tailored exclusively for clients in the construction industry. With our firm’s deep expertise in construction law, our retainer package ensures you have access to top-notch legal services whenever you need them. 


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We are your partner in business and are ready to serve you. Contact our legal team to schedule your free consultation to discuss your options. Our purpose is to educate our clients on the proactive approach and defend all that you have built. We believe in you and your business; depend on The Cromeens Law Firm to protect the future of your company.