Contract Disputes

Have you been accused of breaching your subcontract?
Do you have a construction dispute and don’t know how to handle it?
Have payments on a job stopped due to a dispute?

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Construction Contract Disputes

At The Cromeens Law Firm, we have extensive knowledge and understanding of Texas construction contract laws. Whether you are attempting to enforce contract terms or are being accused of breaching your contract, our team can help you fully understand your rights regarding the contract, and lay out a strategy to help you maintain the best possible outcome that is also cost-effective. Breach of contract disputes require strong attention to detail and deep knowledge of contract law, and our lawyers possess both.

Here at The Cromeens Law Firm we try everything in our power to keep our clients out of the courtroom. Construction litigation can be incredibly costly and time consuming and it often results in a lose-lose situation. If litigation is not necessary, we will help you resolve the issue outside of the courtroom so that you can keep your business going and the payments flowing. We are often able to solve contract disputes for our clients through informal negotiations, mediation, or arbitration.

A fair construction contract is your best defense!


Construction Contract Review

At The Cromeens Law Firm, we are on a mission to educate contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers on the importance of understanding what they are signing and how to negotiate a fair construction contract or subcontract. Our attorneys practice a proactive approach to construction and contract law so that we can prevent expensive litigation later on.

One bad construction contract or subcontract could cost you your business. Be informed and let us review your next contract before you sign. You can send us your construction contract or subcontract and we will explain what everything means, point out all the risks, and provide suggested language to limit those risks. We can also negotiate the contract directly with the general contractor or owner if you would prefer. We understand the general contractor or owner wants that signed contract back immediately, and you are under a tight deadline; that is why we offer a guaranteed 48-hour turn around on all contract reviews.

Guaranteed Turn Around on All Contract Reviews in 2 Business Days

Payment Options Crafted for the
Modern Craftsman

Here at The Cromeens Law Firm, we believe in transparent pricing. We understand that to run a successful business you need to plan your expenses and a large legal bill that you weren’t anticipating isn’t fun or practical. With us you have options and can choose a payment plan that best works for your construction business.

From Contract Reviews starting at a flat rate of only $550 to Monthly Subscription Plans with unlimited legal support, The Cromeens Law Firm has a payment option that will work for you.

Contact Our Construction Contract Attorneys to Ensure that Your Interests Are Protected

Contact The Cromeens Law Firm, PLLC, if you think you have the grounds for a breach of contract lawsuit or you are facing one. We will work as hard and as diligently as we can to achieve a positive outcome on your behalf.

Our work in the construction field, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, gives us a unique perspective to address these matters. We draw from years of experience to craft a strategy unique to your needs, predict the arguments the other side will make, and anticipate potential problems before they develop.

If you are interested in learning more about the subcontract and educating yourself on what you can do to protect your subcontracting business on the front end, check out our blog or our sister company, The Subcontractor Institute.