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The More You Know, The More You GROW

As part of our mission to propel the construction industry forward, we’ve compiled some great educational resources to help you build a better business. Listed below are some of the industry’s best books, blogs, and podcasts.


Digital Builder

Digital Builder Podcast  

The Digital Builder podcast is for construction professionals working on the forefront of construction. If you are looking for conversations centered on where the industry is headed, this podcast is for you!
Each episode features an interview with top construction professionals discussing themes related to connected construction and the future of the construction industry. Our Owner & Managing Partner, Karalynn Cromeens, has been featured on the podcast to share valuable legal information with their audiences and continues to be a resource for the show.


Digital Builder

Today in Trades Podcast  

Today in Trades podcast is dedicated to the essential ingredient, the people, in the home and automotive service industries. Each episode talks about business and life with owners, specialists, and other professionals sharing their successes, motivations, and of course, lessons learned. This podcast brings real strategies that help you understand and get you excited about growing your business. Karalynn Cromeens has joined Today in Trades to discuss common mistakes made when putting together a subcontract and continues to support the podcast and all its helpful content. 


Profit Toolbelt Podcast Logo

Profit Tool Belt Podcast  

Profit Tool Belt is the leading podcast for growth minded contractors. The podcast includes expert interviews, how-to’s and ideas from other contractors and business leaders – real info from real contractors and experts. Karalynn Cromeens has been a guest on the show to share real life stories and legal advice for contractors. 


Books & Blogs

Quit Getting Screwed Book

Quit Getting Screwed: Understanding and Negotiating the Subcontract 

It’s time for subcontractors to Quit Getting Screwed. Every day, subcontractors across all trades face the same critical dilemma: Should I sign a subcontract I don’t understand-one that might even put my company at risk? Or should I refuse to sign and lose the job? Attorney Karalynn Cromeens wrote Quit Getting Screwed to help every subcontractor, no matter how big or how small, understand what those subcontracts mean. The information has proven to be valuable to workers in the construction industry all over the nation!


Quit Getting Stiffed: A Texas Contractor’s Guide to Collections 

A lien is your golden ticket to securing the money that’s rightfully yours.
Contractors and material suppliers encounter all kinds of lien-related questions, deadlines, and paperwork when working on construction jobs. It’s critical to know what you’re responsible for when filing a lien. 

Understanding the complex lien process and your place in the construction food chain is essential if you want to collect the money you’re owed. Attorney Karalynn Cromeens wrote Quit Getting Stiffed to walk Texas contractors step-by-step through the process of securing their right to payment on their construction projects. This book is a great resource for Texas contractors looking to create and maintain a solid collections strategy. 


Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business

From the author of the bestselling book Traction, Rocket Fuel details the integral roles of the Visionary and Integrator and explains how an effective relationship between the two can help your business thrive. Offering advice to help Visionary-minded and Integrator-minded individuals find one another, Rocket Fuel also features assessments so you’re able to determine whether you’re a Visionary or an Integrator. This is one of Karalynn Cromeens favorite books and she refers it to anyone wanting more for their business. 

Quit Getting Screwed Book

Construction Citizen

Construction Citizen is your headquarters for leading-edge stories, valuable information, and insightful perspectives from the heart of the construction industry. With resources that span the world, their mission is to support sound business practices, ethical conduct, and an ever-expansive professional base for the building community. Karalynn has written pieces for Construction Citizen covering various topics from contracts to collections.