Welcome to The Quit Getting Screwed Construction Podcast! In this episode, host Karalynn interviews Elinor Moshe, the first construction coach in Australia. Elinor is passionate about closing the education gap in the construction industry and empowering individuals to work on themselves. With more than eight years of experience in commercial construction and a Master of Construction Management, she brings transformative results to clients in multiple countries. Elinor’s journey into construction coaching began when she realized conventional education and systems were letting people down. She founded The Construction Coach to provide mentoring, training, and coaching services that were desperately needed.An accomplished author, Elinor has written three best-selling books in construction, sharing valuable lessons and insights.

Her podcast, Constructing You, where she interviews industry leaders, won the gold award for “single episode” at the dotCOMM Awards. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Elinor has faced challenges and has embraced her uniqueness and defied conventions. She shares her experiences and insights on diversity and inclusion.What sets Elinor apart is her commitment to transformative results. With her expertise, she helps clients exceed their expectations and become exemplary figures in construction.

In the interview, Elinor offers advice for career changers, emphasizing self-belief and taking ownership of one’s destiny. Looking ahead, Elinor’s dedication to empowering the construction industry drives her to challenge the status quo and foster exceptional leadership. Join Karalynn as she explores Elinor Moshe’s inspiring journey and taps into the secrets of success in construction. Tune in to The Quit Getting Screwed Construction Podcast for this captivating episode!

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