Welcome to this insightful interview as our host Karalynn Cromeens has a special and unique guest Toner Kersting, the owner of TONER Homes Matter. THM specializes in designing new builds, remodels, modifications, and historic restorations that perform optimally in relation to the climate, construction, and client needs.

In this episode, Toner Kersting will share his expertise on building performance forensics, a service that looks at homes as total systems to identify and address problems that cause the building to “misbehave.” Toner will discuss how THM examines not only the structure but also the microclimate of the home and the behavior of current and previous occupants within the dwelling. Toner is a great example of not being afraid of change because what started as a journey to being a journalist turned into a 10-plus-year career in the construction industry.

Additionally, Toner will explain how THM provides building performance litigation support to assist owners, builders, trades, and other professionals in resolving construction deficiencies in residential homes.

Tune in to this podcast to learn from Toner Kersting’s extensive experience in the building performance industry and how his company, THM Building Performance Design, is leading the way in ensuring homes perform optimally.

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