In this episode of the Quit Getting Screwed Construction Podcast, Karalynn Cromeens and special guest James Baty explore the topic of sustainability in the concrete industry, providing a fascinating look into the innovations and advancements in sustainable concrete production. James is an expert in the field and shares insights on how the industry is working towards carbon neutrality and reducing its environmental impact. Throughout the conversation, James and Karalynn touch on how technology has impacted the concrete industry and the challenges faced by contractors in finding labor.  

James also emphasizes the need for companies to invest in their employees and for owners to understand the value of education, particularly in a time of generational transition. They also cover the importance of having a strong company vision and the impact COVID-19 has had on the construction industry, including the shift to remote work and the need for increased efficiency and collaboration. The conversation is informative and insightful, offering valuable takeaways for businesses and individuals looking to thrive in today’s rapidly changing work environment. Make sure to tune in! 

The Quit Getting Screwed Construction Podcast: Video

The Quit Getting Screwed Construction Podcast: Audio

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