Working as a contractor can come with some stigma. There are all sorts of rumors about construction workers that homeowners perpetuate, and even more niche gossip from trade to trade. Karalynn sits down with Jana Earley, owner and head designer of Luxe Fine Finishes, to talk about how to make the sale despite the biases your potential client may have. In Jana’s line of work, a history of tacky 70s- 80s-era plastered walls follows her around. People often worry work of her kind will look too outdated, or simply not sophisticated, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In this episode, she talks to Karalynn about how her mindset and business practices help her rise above the rumor mill and connect with clients to make the sale, and how the work she is doing to destigmatize faux finishing. And contractors will ultimately help her trade, and all trades, continue on!

Tune in for some great insight about selling without stigma from one of Houston’s finest!


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