Happy National Construction Appreciation Week! In honor of such an important week, we’re skipping out on liens to speak with some killer construction pros!

This week, Karalynn is joined by the heavy-hitting duo, Phillip Amend and Jason Beam, who operate CORE Supply out of Houston, TX. Phillip and Jason dive into the often overlooked, yet truly crucial topic of collections, and what it can mean for a business’s financial success to create a consistent collection plan. The CORE head honchos discuss how challenging running a business was before they had a plan for how to handle unfulfilled invoices. Collaborating with a dedicated lien team for invoicing, notices, outreach, and collection has fundamentally changed the cash flow of their construction company and made it far more successful than it would have been, sans collection strategy. They explain the essential steps you should include in your collection plan, how you can connect with a collection pro or lien team, and what the benefits of a subscription format for liens and collections can be for a company.

Set your business up for success, and listen up to get the inside scoop on how to fine tune your collection strategy and collect the $$$ you deserve! Leave us a like, share the episode, and rate the show to help us celebrate national Construction Appreciation Week.


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