Reputation is everything in the construction industry. What other people say about your business can make or break your company’s success. Shawn Hill from NiceJobs sits down with Karalynn to explain how reputation marketing is a powerful tool that takes just a little added effort and can greatly grow a business’s reach. Ultimately, the opinion of your clients can provide free marketing for your construction company. Why let such a powerful resource go unutilized?

Shawn breaks down how business owners can improve their ability to collect client feedback and plug it into social media and reputation marketing tools to generate additional leads for their construction company. He explains further how his service, NiceJobs, streamlines this process and alleviates the time and effort required by your team to get results that are just as impactful, if not more so! Your company is worth investing in, and reputation marketing is a tool that you already have access to. Take advantage of it, and see your business grow!

Listen in and learn how you can use reviews to bolster your business, and if you take away something new, consider leaving us a like and rating the pod.


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