Episode 11: Learning the Tools of the Trades

with John King

In episode 11 of the Quit Getting Screwed podcast, social media sensation John King of JK Welding joins Karalynn to talk about mindset, tenacity, inspiration, and paying it forward as a construction professional. John, who is a professional welder and owner of two welding businesses, recounts his start in the trades industry, and the draw he felt to explore the “blue flame” of welding. Because welding school wasn’t an option in his youth, he learned by working in a hands-on setting, under the guidance of older professionals who were looking to work, not teach. Recognizing this pattern in his mentors, looking back, John stresses the importance of doing your own research and staying vigilant in your studying and crafting. Without that dedication, John concedes he would never have excelled so far and started his own company.

Karalynn and John go on to talk about how stepping into leadership, especially as a contractor or construction business owner, develops over time. According to John, “Every day, you’re always learning. You learn more and more about your business, your people, and yourself. It’s just a part of leading.” From understanding the importance of getting paid and how the trickle down of improper payment can affect your team, to learning to master marketing and networking to the benefit of the company, his hands were full in the early years of construction business ownership. In his daily learning, John says he found that he had to step out of the shop as the work progressed and he started to work on his business more, and in his business less.

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Between the two business owners, John and Karalynn both agree that, while sometimes they miss working, “in the field,” it ultimately better served their businesses when they stepped back and begin honing their management and oversight skills. John attributes his ability to embrace that change to strengthening his mindset and aiming it toward growth and caring for his employees. Orienting your mindset toward uplifting yourself and others makes it easier to commit, he suggests.

Episode 11 of the Quit Getting Screwed podcast has a heavy focus on what it takes to grow and become a leader, and how to make it possible for the next generation to do the same. The uplifting, creative, and community-driven culture John develops both personally and professionally are carefully curated by his past, present, and his hopes for the future. He shares it all in this jam-packed episode. Listen in and learn the tools of the trades from one of the best welders in the industry!

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