Episode 10: Join the Contractor Fight

with Tom Reber

In episode 10 of the Quit Getting Screwed Podcast, Karalynn is joined by construction business coach extraordinaire, HGTV personality, and chart-topping podcast host of The Contractor Fight, Tom Reber. Tom and Karalynn dive into the details of proper pricing, providing oxygen to your company, and maintaining positive client relationships. These elements, among many others, are some of the most integral assets for a successful construction business. Tom aims to crack down on knowing numbers, emphasizing that contractors absolutely must “know what they’re worth.” He spotlights his coaching program, called The 100K Contractor at the time of recording, and emphasizes that while the goal is just to make 100 grand in a year, the whole first module of the program is just about how contractors see themselves and what value they think they are worth.  

Karalynn contributes a frequent predicament she sees as a construction attorney: contractors are afraid to price themselves what they are worth because other competitors may be doing the same work for less. Tom iterates that many folks will pay a higher dollar for better contracting services and more experienced work. As he puts it, “the numbers that matter most are your own. The rest of the math will just give you your answer: yes or no.” The essential antidote for this insecurity, Tom schools, is mastering marketing and polishing client services and networking skills. This is because marketing, relationship-building, and effective lead generation are the key to reaffirming the value of your work. “You have to eat first,” Tom reminds.  

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Throughout the episode, Karalynn and Tom continue to break down some of the most common pitfalls seen in construction business owners. Tom particularly addresses how he and his team of experts combat some of these frequent predicaments. Episode 10 is chock full of invaluable insight from one of the leading construction business coaches in the country, so take advantage of this podcast! Tune in for more information on ironing out your processes, pricing your services to serve you as the contractor better, and other need-to-know advice and insight. 

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