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How to Trap Funds and Collect Your Retainage

trap funds

Imagine all the business opportunities that open up when you can secure the money you are owed. In this blog, you’ll learn more about what a lien is and what your lien rights are. Once you know what’s needed to have a valid lien, all the leverage is yours.

Collect Retainage Every Time

Collect retainage

Most, if not all, of your profit for your project is in the retainage payment. Don’t just walk away from retainage! Protecting your right to payment and protecting your bottom line is crucial as a business owner in the construction industry.

What is a Sham Contract, and Why It Matters

sham contract

Learn how to protect yourself and your business in this blog—don’t just trust that people are always going to do the right thing. Take the time to double-check every part of your process and cover your a$$. Someone’s word in the construction industry, unfortunately, is not a sure thing.

New Year, New Texas Lien Laws

2022 Texas Lien Laws

You need an intentional and consistent collection strategy that must include all the steps required to have a valid lien. The steps required to have a valid lien in Texas have changed. Beginning on January 1, 2022, there are some new things to consider when making your collection strategy.

You Absolutely Must Collect Your Money

collect your money

Your business needs income to survive—and knowing how to collect money you’re owed is essential for the health of your business. Creating and implementing a collection strategy before collections become an issue is essential to ensuring everyone who depends on you is taken care of.

Could Your Company Survive a Legal Land Mine?

legal land mine

Do you think your company could survive a legal land mine? What are your company’s pain points? Where are you struggling? Get a plan together to make your company land mine-proof. Be proactive and think preventatively—your company depends on it!

Common Defenses to Contractor Liens

Lien defense

When you file a lien or threaten to file a lien, it is not uncommon for issues you have never heard of to arise. In this blog, we will go over the most common defenses to contractor liens and how to prepare for them while you are on the project.

Why Sending Notice of a Lien is So Important

notice of a lien

Sending notice that you filed your construction lien is an essential part of retaining your lien rights and ensuring you are paid what you are owed. To make sure your notice is valid, be sure to send it to the right person and place, at the right time.

Filing a Valid Lien on a Homestead in Texas

Texas homestead

Texas is a Homestead State, so before you start filing your lien, make sure you know what type of project you’re working on. It is imperative that you follow the specific steps put forth in Texas legislation if you want your lien on a Homestead project to be valid.