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Turn Your Judgment into Cold Hard Cash

Mechanics and Materialmen's Liens

Congratulations, you won! But, now what? How do you turn that judgment into cold hard cash? Time is of the essence! There are a few options to consider when determining how to get your money in the fastest way possible.

Post Judgment Collections

Misapplication of Construction Trust Funds

A judgment is just a piece of paper. But did you know that you can turn that paper into cold hard cash through what lawyers like to call Post Judgment Collections? There are specific ways you can collect on those judgments, but litigation is costly, and just how do you decide to move forward with […]

CYA for Material Suppliers Part 3

Collection Strategy

In this blog, we discuss how you can use that information to create a consistent collection strategy. Don’t work for free. Collecting what is yours is crucial to the livelihood of your business.

The First Steps to a Valid Lien

Are you ensuring you’re getting paid for what you are owed in your construction projects? It is so important to understand what you are responsible for when filing a lien. Remember, one single error in the lien filing process could cost you thousands of dollars and invalidate your lien.

Breaking Down the Texas Lien Process

Rolls of money

Liens are important because the construction industry runs on credit and the Contractor is the one extending the credit. This means the Contractor put forth labor and material and then waits to get paid. If you follow all the lien procedures correctly, it will give you the closest thing to a guarantee of payment in this business.

The Myth About Liens That Subcontractors Shouldn’t Believe

subcontractor lien

The truth is that any provision in a subcontract that says you cannot file a lien is unenforceable. That means even if you sign a subcontract that states you cannot file a lien, you can still file a lien. Don’t let a general contractor convince you otherwise.

Texas Lien Waivers Process: How to Navigate

Lien Waiver

Are you overwhelmed and confused by the complex lien waiver rules and requirements in the State of Texas? If you answered yes, you are not alone! In this article, we’ll help you with navigating the complex lien waivers process. It is so important to take note of each important step and the specific timeline for your Texas construction projects.

Warning: Why You Should Be Wary of Online Lien Filing Services


The lien process can be tricky, and the steps must be followed meticulously, or it will be invalid. Not only do you only have one chance to file a lien, you actually can be fined for filing an improper lien. It’s so important to get your lien filed correctly!

The Reality of Filing a Lawsuit to Collect Construction Project Payments

Filing a Lawsuit

If you are past the lien filing deadline or haven’t sent a preliminary notice in a state where it is required, you will probably be considering filing a lawsuit as the next step in collecting your unpaid construction payment. When looking at your options, it is good to have information about them before you start the process.