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Our Lien & Collection Subscription Plan Will Fix Your Collection Issues!

Rolls of money

You work hard, you do a good job, and you deserve to be paid, every time you do not collect the full amount you are owed for a project you are taking food off your family’s plate.  Quit giving your work away, get paid. 

We once had a fire protection subcontractor that had half a million dollars in overdue invoices when they started our subscription program. In 90 days, we cut that number in half, and over the next year we collected everything but $20,000.00.  The key is to become the squeaky wheel that gets paid first.

Our lien & collection subscription plan allows your construction company to outsource all its collection issues. We will create a consistent collection strategy based on your cash flow needs and the lien laws in your state. Every month on a set date you will send us your open invoice report and we will let you know on what projects notices need to be sent.  You will send us the open invoices and we will begin the collections process.

How We Handle Collections

Our collection process includes phone calls to all relevant parties, (if you want them), research to find the bond on bonded projects, the owner of the project, the correct mailing address for the owner, the legal description of the property and verification of the general contractor and their mailing address.  Once all the research is done, we send out all the required notices and then make another round of phone calls.  We really push hard to collect the amounts you are owed without filing liens.  But if we are unable to collect, we will also file liens for the amount you are owed.

Dedicated Support and Transparency

Through every step of the process, you have a dedicated account representative that is always available to give you updates and answer any questions you may have. You also have online access to your files where you will find notes of all the phone calls made and copies of all the research and notices that are sent. We take these steps every month to make you the squeaky wheel and will get paid first.

Try Our Services

We also offer a 90 day (about 3 months) trial period at a very discounted rate so we can prove to you that our subscription plan will solve your collections issues, give us a call at 713-715-7334 or reach out on our chat box on the website and we can schedule a time to tell you more about making sure you get paid the full amount you are owed on every project.

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