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Quit Getting Screwed Podcast

The Quit Getting Screw Podcast, hosted by licensed attorney Karalynn Cromeens, explores managing contractors, how to build a smarter business and avoid litigation. In this legal driven show, find the tools, detailed insight and confidence to side step common challenges and thrive in the construction industry.

Meet the host of "Quit Getting Screwed"

Published author, award-winning lawyer, devoted leader, and seasoned managing partner of The Cromeens Law Firm (TCLF), Karalynn Cromeens is sparking change in the construction industry.

He built a million-dollar company from the ground up. There is zero gatekeeping in this episode with Ken Rusk. He is a blue-collar business entrepreneur and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Blue Collar Cash. Are you on the right path? Listen to find the answer.
This female powerhouse leads the convo about construction technology. With over 25 years executive experience, guest Jessica Herrala of Buildots has worked with some of the largest construction and real estate development firms in the US. She is here to help you successfully navigate AI, what to look out for as it advances, and improve productivity within your company.
Not only has he hired thousands of excellent employees for construction companies, but they’ve stuck around! Founder & President of Contractor Staffing Source, Paul Sanneman, shares his proven solution to a common issue in a booming industry desperate for a solid, reliable workforce. Get inspired by his passion to help you build a successful team so you can make more money in less time all while having more fun.
It’s the next step to riches! In this quick, enlightening episode, tap into your imagination and learn how to workshop the mind so your small business can make more profit and become more progressive. Find the fascination in fixing your finances with tips from the best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
It’s one of the most important things to keep your business on track. Knowing and managing your business’ budget is now easier with Ahuva Gruen who is a seasoned Fractional CFO dedicated to helping you to transform your businesses and unlocking your full financial potential. Get to know your financial numbers so you can become more and more profitable.
Back charging is a very scary and concerning trend in commercial construction. Attorney Karalynn Cromeens has seen it several times recently at her Houston law firm. It’s happening to contractors on today’s jobsite, listen to this episode so it doesn’t happen to your business too.
It’s a huge fear for most, but public speaking is paramount to the success of your small business. In this episode, Speaker Coach @philipsessions shares how he went from being the shy, quiet guy to one who commands any room he enters. Through his persistent efforts and transformative communication methods, he has helped hundreds of business owners build confidence and clarity in their speaking which has transformed their lives and business amounting to over $1 million dollars in recognized profits.
Here’s everything you need to know about incorporation: Why it’s important, what you need to do to keep it, and ways you waive your corporate protection. Law firm owner and attorney Karalynn Cromeens gets right to the point in this quick episode. Get real applicable tips from an experienced legal insider.
Optimize your construction business with these straight-shooter tips. Utah native and COO Rj Braegger shares how you can enhance professional relationships with all stakeholders involved, including subcontractors. Excel your operations process from Design & Build to the ever-important customer experience.
Brush up on your vocab. The rules have changed a lot recently, so as a business owner it’s important that you get this legal verbiage right. Attorney Karalynn Cromeens explains the 6-factor effect so you can define who is who and why that matters in how you effectively manage your construction business.