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What is a General Retainer Agreement and How Can it Benefit You?

general retainer

Have an attorney on call to answer all your questions and help with all your issues for only $2,500.

The hardest thing I have done in my life was to start a material supply business from the ground up with my husband. My heart and soul went into that business, and I know many of you have the same story. You followed a passion or a skill, developed a business surrounding it, and had to start on a narrow budget and make the hard survival decisions to get it off the ground. This is the struggle of most new business owners, which makes it impossible for so many of them to keep their companies afloat longer than a year. How are you supposed to choose between something significant, such as an airtight contract, and the paycheck you need to survive?

The Cromeens Mission

I built my law firm around helping you grow and protect your construction business. One of the essential elements to growing and protecting your business is affordable access to an attorney familiar with the construction industry. That is why I created the $2,500 general retainer. Most other firms in the industry require $10,000, $20,000, or more for a retainer to get started. Having started a small business myself, I know what a blow that can be. Making business owners decide which essentials to spend their funds on forces companies to wait until they are in a crisis to hire an attorney. I am most effective at my job when I can prevent the crisis from happening in the first place, but you must be able to hire me for me to help. Most law firms are set up to only do damage control when you’re already in a crisis, and I think that’s archaic. The smarter strategy is to have an attorney on your side, to help create and/or review your contract, collect the money you are owed, and seek legal advice on all the other issues you deal with daily.

Prevent a Lawsuit

The Cromeens Law Firm is here to protect you and your business. Our hope is that you never get stuck in a legal battle because you were not adequately informed or prepared. Work with us to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to protect your business and your hard-earned money.

Our general retainer gives you unlimited access to an attorney who knows the construction industry and is familiar with the issues you are dealing with in your business. If you have a question, we are only a phone call away. We guarantee a 24-hour or less response time because my team understands that your business needs immediate answers to operate more efficiently. Once you have a general retainer with us, you have all the benefits of an in-house attorney, but we won’t take up any of your office space. You will also have automatic access to contract review and creation, which is charged at a flat rate and has a 5-business-day turnaround. You also have unlimited access to our entire team of collection specialists. The TCLF collection team is built of experts at collecting the money you are owed and filing liens, if necessary, to get you paid. We don’t just send letters; we develop a consistent collection strategy for your company, including making collection phone calls to all parties involved.

In Conclusion

If you own, run, or are in any way involved in a business that is in the construction industry, you need a law firm on your side—someone who has got your back and is only a phone call away. We are members of the Get Shit Done Tribe (“GSD”) just like you. Our team understands how your business is a piece of your soul, and we will help you protect and grow that business.

Knowing how to protect yourself best is essential, especially when growing your business, and having a team to support you when you’re facing the potential of getting sued is a huge advantage. The Cromeens Law Firm team is here to help keep you out of the courtroom on the front end or help you win the fight inside of it. Contact us today and set yourself up for success with the support of a legal team today.

This article is intended as a general educational overview of the subject matter and is not intended to be a comprehensive survey of recent jurisprudence, nor a substitute for legal advice for a specific legal matter. If you have a legal issue, please consult an attorney.

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