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Construction Citizen: Top 3 Legal Mistakes Companies Make in the Construction Industry

Sometimes getting yourself into a pickle can turn into a learning moment – not only for yourself, but others who may find themselves in the same predicament. As a seasoned construction attorney, Karalynn Cromeens, Owner & Managing Partner of The Cromeens Law Firm, has learned a lot from her client’s mistakes and strives to prevent others from going through the same thing twice. In an article for Construction Citizen, Karalynn lays out the top 3 legal mistakes she is seeing in the construction industry and how they can be resolved. Learning your lien laws and paying closer attention to your contracts can make a huge difference in cutting down on risks. Interested in learning more? Read the whole article here.  


The Connected Construction Show: Protect your Construction Business from Getting Screwed

Karalynn Cromeens of The Cromeens Law Firm joined The Connected Construction Show with Matt Sprague and Evan Hill to discuss how contractors can protect their business by being proactive and not reactive. In her journey of practicing construction law for the last 17 years, Karalynn has learned a lot about what can be done to prevent clients from the inconvenience of having to settle legal issues in court. Taking what she learned, she has been able to provide loads of FREE educational material and this episode pretty much sums up all the helpful information she is putting out. Matt and Evan do a great job of asking the right questions to better understand why all this information is important and who it best applies to. If you are looking to end the year learning how to protect your business, listen to the episode here.  


PRO TALK with Attorney Karalynn Cromeens

The Power of a Solid Contract and Good Software  

As the construction industry continues to advance in technology through better and more efficient software, there became a need for digital storage of documents. Karalynn Cromeens of The Cromeens Law Firm partnered with a construction management software company called JobTread to create a system that supports construction workers in their everyday project management while also providing a secure platform to store and create solid contracts that work for, not against your construction business. In Episode 498, Karalynn speaks about how this integration came about, what pain points it can correct within construction businesses, and why it has the potential to be a huge game changer in the industry. If you want more insight into this new and extremely convenient system designed specifically for contractors, then you will want to tune in to this podcast. Listen by clicking here



Material Sourcing & Supply Chain Issues

During The Cromeens Law Firm’s trip to the Sunbelt Builder’s Show in Dallas, TX, Karalynn Cromeens got an opportunity to chat with other industry professionals about material sourcing & supply chain issues on The Dirt Nerds of TX podcast. With her experience as a construction law attorney as well as an owner of a material supply company, she was really able to speak to current trends in the industry and how she has been able to adapt to changes. This episode is loaded with knowledgeable experts who have great perspectives on hot topics pertaining to material sourcing & supply chain. If you want in on this conversation, you can tune in here.  


How to Collect Your Money With All Due Respect

The Painful Task of Collecting Your Hard-Earned Cash 

Asking for money can be an uncomfortable conversation to have with someone and most people try to avoid it all together. Karalynn Cromeens of The Cromeens Law Firm joined The Profit Toolbelt podcast as a guest to give tips on collecting your money “with all due respect.” What does this mean exactly? A lot of it has to do with building out a system that will keep the cash flow consistent. With Karalynn being a master money collector, shes pretty much got this system down pat and is on a mission to share this knowledge with the construction industry. Its great information to have and can essentially save your business from taking financial losses where its not deserved. All the hard work that goes into a project does not need to be dismissed by non-payment issues. Set your construction business up for success and learn the ins and outs of a good collection strategy. Start by listening to Episode 162 of this info-filled podcast and staying connected with all the educational material Karalynn Cromeens has to offer.



Home Building Hero: Protections and Pitfalls of Construction Contracts

The Formula to Business Protection

No one is expected to take up a career in construction and fully understand the legal side of the industry but the reality is that its a huge key to protecting your business and growing it to its full potential. Karalynn Cromeens of The Cromeens Law Firm joined The Home Building Hero podcast to address the different obstacles that contractors face and how to avoid them. A contract should be the foundation and beginning piece to every job and can help set expectations throughout the project and while there are many contract templates that contractors have found helpful throughout the years, having an attorney review your documents is always the safest route. Karalynn speaks to the progress that she has seen her clients make due to having the proper representation and how that motivates her to continue educating the industry on the legal side of construction. If youd like to get in on this conversation and receive some great tips, click here to listen.



Construction Management Software (And How to Use it to Your Advantage)

How Construction Software Saves Time and Money 

Want to help make your attorneys job easier? Start utilizing systems that maintain and organize your important documents in case you need to find them in the midst of a legal predicament. Karalynn Cromeens of The Cromeens Law Firm has seen a lot in her 18 years of practicing law. This is why she was able to offer some great pointers in a recent Construction Citizen article on how contractors can use construction management software to make sure their businesses are locked and loaded with the necessary documentation in the event of a legal mishap. Having reliable software (like JobTread, for example) is a great way to be proactive and solve issues before they come about. If youre interested in reading more about the benefits of a reliable construction management software, click here



US Glass Magazine: The Gig is Up

Contractors Using Digital Platforms for Work

All money isn’t good money and sometimes, not reading your agreements could result in no money at all. Karalynn Cromeens with The Cromeens Law Firm is featured in US Glass’ September issue to give contractors a few essential details to consider when finding work online. While racking in leads online can be very tempting, there are risks associated with it and every contractor should know what to look out for. In this article, contractors will learn how to take better control of the types of jobs they are taking by knowing what the red flags are when looking for work through platforms such as Thumbtack, Houzz, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. If you are a contractor filling in the gaps in your customer pipeline, just getting started, or looking to expand by racking in more online leads, this is the perfect read for you. Click here to dive in! 



Legal Questions and Challenges in the Construction Industry & How to Avoid Them

A Look into the Remodeling World

Karalynn Cromeens of The Cromeens Law Firm joins Colin and Jimmy on the Behind the Studs Podcast to discuss legal challenges in remodeling. This conversation is definitely worth a listen as it dives into what homeowners AND contractors need to look out for as it relates to contracts and other documentation for a project. For both parties, there are risks associated—contractors want to ensure payment while homeowners want to make sure the job is done correctly and in a timely manner. Karalynn goes over what both sides can do to protect themselves and balance their needs. If you are a contractor or homeowner that has faced issues in the past or wants to avoid them altogether, tune in here

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