Home Building Hero: Protections and Pitfalls of Construction Contracts

The Formula to Business Protection

No one is expected to take up a career in construction and fully understand the legal side of the industry but the reality is that its a huge key to protecting your business and growing it to its full potential. Karalynn Cromeens of The Cromeens Law Firm joined The Home Building Hero podcast to address the different obstacles that contractors face and how to avoid them. A contract should be the foundation and beginning piece to every job and can help set expectations throughout the project and while there are many contract templates that contractors have found helpful throughout the years, having an attorney review your documents is always the safest route. Karalynn speaks to the progress that she has seen her clients make due to having the proper representation and how that motivates her to continue educating the industry on the legal side of construction. If youd like to get in on this conversation and receive some great tips, click here to listen.