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Post-Judgment Collections in Texas – What You Need to Know

post-judgment collections

As many creditors know, the state of Texas provides robust protection for debtors, and navigating the process for post-judgment collections in Texas can be an overwhelming experience for even the savviest professional. Attempting debt collection during an economic slowdown can further compound a creditor’s frustration as they face an increase in slow-pay and no-pay debtors. After countless demand letters go ignored, creditors often turn to litigation in hopes of getting paid.

Construction Management Software (And How to Use it to Your Advantage)

How Construction Software Saves Time and Money  Want to help make your attorney’s job easier? Start utilizing systems that maintain and organize your important documents in case you need to find them in the midst of a legal predicament. Karalynn Cromeens of The Cromeens Law Firm has seen a lot in her 18 years of […]