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How to Collect Your Money With All Due Respect

The Painful Task of Collecting Your Hard-Earned Cash 

Asking for money can be an uncomfortable conversation to have with someone and most people try to avoid it all together. Karalynn Cromeens of The Cromeens Law Firm joined The Profit Toolbelt podcast as a guest to give tips on collecting your money “with all due respect.” What does this mean exactly? A lot of it has to do with building out a system that will keep the cash flow consistent. With Karalynn being a master money collector, shes pretty much got this system down pat and is on a mission to share this knowledge with the construction industry. Its great information to have and can essentially save your business from taking financial losses where its not deserved. All the hard work that goes into a project does not need to be dismissed by non-payment issues. Set your construction business up for success and learn the ins and outs of a good collection strategy. Start by listening to Episode 162 of this info-filled podcast and staying connected with all the educational material Karalynn Cromeens has to offer.



Karalynn Cromeens

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