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How to protect Your Company From the Yo-Yoing of Material Cost

How to Stop COVID-19 From Infecting Your Business 

Karalynn Cromeens returns to Construction Citizen to highlight some important things to consider while working in construction amid COVID-19. The construction industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, a stand-out predicament being the increase in the cost of materials. This not only affects the pockets of contractors but can also cause conflict when bidding on a job. In this blog, Cromeens provides example language contractors can use to protect their companies from unexpected price increases, and to protect their bids via their contracts. Because it is difficult to get out of the terms of an agreement you sign, it is best you protect yourself right out of the gate. Times are hard and making quick adjustments may be inevitable. Click here to learn how to tackle these issues.


Karalynn Cromeens

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