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Triumphant Litigation Against Multimillion-Dollar General Contractor

Ieshia Dunmore brings in a big win against a General Contractor refusing to pay a Subcontractor on multiple projects.

A multimillion-dollar General Contractor (GC) on a large city project attempted to force a subcontractor to accept an unauthorized change in its bid that occurred after negotiations between the City and the GC.  GC then had subcontractor begin work on the project, and even though the subcontractor clearly indicated that they would not accept the changes in the bid made by the Owner and GC.  GC then hired the subcontractor to simultaneously complete a different project.  When the subcontractor requested the GC to pay for the work according to the bid submitted, the GC attempted to force them to complete the project without payment.  When the subcontractor refused, the GC withheld payment for three separate projects completed by the subcontractor. Ieshia Dunmore, Senior Associate Attorney at The Cromeens Law Firm (TCLF), successfully led the lawsuit against the GC and obtained full payment and reimbursement of all costs and all attorney’s fees incurred by TCLF’s client, the subcontractor.


Karalynn Cromeens

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