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Secure your legal support with tailored retainer packages.

Unlock access to dedicated legal counsel and proactive assistance with our customized retainer plans, offering peace of mind and cost-effective solutions for your construction business.

The most common billing method for attorneys.

A general retainer is the most common billing method for attorneys. A general retainer is where a sum of money is held upfront, and then the attorney’s hourly rate is billed for the amount of time spent on the account. We offer a low general retainer of only $2,500.

Retainer Pricing

Ideal for businesses that have a variety of on-going legal needs.

Many businesses find having an attorney on retainer to be more financially beneficial than having to pay for full-time, in-house counsel. A dedicated attorney is available anytime you need assistance. We offer a guaranteed response within one business day and contract reviews in less than two business days. Your attorney is available anytime you have questions and can proactively help you mitigate risks and stop legal disputes from starting through upfront advice/counsel.

With a general retainer you only pay for the time spent on your account, but when it comes to disputes and lawsuits, we are unable to give a firm estimate of what it will cost in the end due to so many unknown and outside factors. If you are wanting a set rate that you can plan on, our monthly subscriptions may be a better fit.

The actual “retainer” of $2,500 is a fee paid to an attorney in advance for services and is in effect a down payment that will be applied toward the final amount billed after work has been completed. If there is not an outstanding balance when your account is closed, the retainer is returned in full. The purpose of a “retainer” is to ensure payment for future services or work to be rendered.

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