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Lexi Hudson

Associate Attorney


Lexi Hudson 

Profile of Lexi Hudson

Lexi is drawn to Cromeens, a woman-run and woman-owned law firm, because of its strong work ethic and unwavering client support. She finds inspiration in the empowering representation of a women-led legal practice.


Lexi, an Associate Attorney based in Austin, joined The Cromeens Law Firm in the Fall of 2023. She prides herself on being a dedicated problem solver and is passionate about supporting others through her knowledge and training. Lexi combines her legal expertise, a compassionate heart, and an unrelenting pursuit of knowledge to serve her clients. Born and raised in Texas, Lexi’s journey into the law industry started when she completed her undergraduate studies at Texas A&M, earning her degree in Political Science. She then moved to Chicago, where she graduated from the University of Chicago School of Law. Before joining the TCLF team, Lexi honed her skills in banking and contract review through valuable experience at JP Morgan. When she’s not passionately pursuing legal justice, you’ll find Lexi at home with her cherished dog and cat, curled up with a good book, or exploring Austin’s live music and arts scene.

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