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Specified Growth Podcast: Understanding Your Contract

The Difference Between Bid and Scope and Which Actually Matters  

Karalynn Cromeens sits down with Tats for one of his ‘Tats Talks’  to discuss the differences between the bid and scope of work. Throughout her years in the construction industry, Karalynn has run into the same issue with her clients. It took a couple of losses before she decided that the best course of action was to warn contractors about these things BEFORE they sign a contract. The main point of importance is understanding that the work and the contract are rarely the same as the bid. What the bid says often doesn’t matter because it is not a part of the signed contract. Instead of a bid, what contractors should reference is the scope (which is what they’re hired to do.) If this is news to you, click here to listen to the podcast and learn more.


Karalynn Cromeens

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