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Make a Wish Come True–Cromeens Seeking Supplies to Assist Today’s Harbor for Children

March 19, 2019 Blog Make A Wish

Create a Safe Harbor

We all need a helping hand from time to time. That’s why Cromeens is calling on its merry band of supporters to contribute to Today’s Harbor for Children, a nonprofit organization assisting southeast Texas children who suffer from the effects of abuse and neglect.

Let’s get right to it! To get involved and be a lighthouse for the kids supported by Today’s Harbor, check out the Wish List they gave us below. We want to make sure Today’s Harbor, formerly Boys and Girls Harbor, has the supplies it needs to continue providing excellent care and opportunities to the children they serve.

March 19, 2019 Blog Make A Wish

A Neighbor in Need

Today’s Harbor for Children serves kiddos from our communities, so helping them get the supplies they need means you’re helping a neighbor. It’s time to show why Texas is the Friendship State!

Items on the Wish List include clothing, first aid supplies, toiletries, and more. Here are a few of the specifics to give you an idea:

  • Regular light bulbs
  • Waterproof twin mattress covers
  • Shower liners and shower curtains
  • Thermometers
  • Non-drowsy cold and flu medicine (children and adults)
  • Non-drowsy allergy medicine (children and adults)
  • Ethnic hair products: hair grease, hair moisturizer, shampoo/conditioner, brushes, wide-tooth combs, etc.

See an item you would like to contribute? Reach out to us here at The Cromeens Law Firm and we’ll help coordinate your donation to make sure it gets into the right tiny hands to make a big Texas smile (Full disclosure: The kids will not be operating the forklift!).

Of course, when it comes to the clothing donations, we see an opportunity to promote team spirit with a contribution of Astros and Texans gear. But we’re taking donations from Dallas fans too!

About Today’s Harbor for Children

Established in 1947, Today’s Harbor for Children combines more than 7 decades of experience to provide resources, support, and guidance to kids in crisis. Their objective is clear:

“Our mission is to empower children who have faced abuse, neglect, and hardships to take back their futures through our unique approach that focuses on providing them with a place in our residential community, a family-like structure, and giving families a choice on how to move forward.”

Serving the entire southeast Texas region, Today’s Harbor for Children’s unique approach empowers children “to overcome self-destructive patterns, break cycles of abuse, develop social skills, learn responsibility, and, ultimately, take back their own life path, becoming our next generation of neighbors, coworkers, friends, and families.”

The Cromeens Law Firm proudly supports Today’s Harbor for Children in an ongoing effort to ensure they have the supplies and resources required to help the group achieve its goals.

How to Donate

Partnering with Today’s Harbor for Children, The Cromeens Law Firm has established a donations hotline that allows contributors to meet the needs of the children served by the nonprofit group.

Reach us by phone at 713-677-2136 to be a Today’s Harbor for Children hero. We will give you detailed information on how you can play a part in the organization’s success.

Karalynn Cromeens

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