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Karalynn Cromeens’ 2022 Guest Podcasts

Karalynn Cromeens 2022 guest podcasts

2022 was a fantastic year for construction podcasts, and The Quit Getting Screwed Construction Podcast was not the only podcast to reach new heights this year! Karalynn Cromeens, our managing partner and owner, was a guest on some notable construction podcasts this year too. From YouTube heavy hitters to some of Apple Podcast’s top industry shows, Karalynn has had the opportunity to share her expertise with incredible construction influencers across the country. In this blog, we’ve gathered some of the most popular episodes she’s been featured on to share even more of the fantastic educational content she has contributed.

Fine Homebuilding PRO TALK

On the most popular of Karalynn Cromeens’ 2022 guest podcasts, The Fine Homebuilding PRO TALK Podcast, Karalynn sat down with Patrick McCombe. They not only discussed some of her construction law specializations to debunk common misconceptions about construction law, but also talked about how to help construction business owners set themselves up for a successful year ahead. One of the first topics of conversation was how to handle one of the most persistent industry problems—missing out on pay! Karalynn talked about preventing payment issues at the front end, first and foremost, and the best way to resolve them if they do arise. The main takeaways are these three essential tips: 

  • First, Karalynn advises that you always be upfront about payment expectations. A milestone contract is a great way to set that expectation and clearly communicate what you expect to be paid and when.
  • Secondly, Karalynn suggests that you always ask for at least 10% down for your deposit. If you can get more that is always good—but ultimately at least 10% down is the least amount you should accept at the start of a project to protect your payment.
  • Finally, she advises that if you aren’t paid, you need to “become the squeaky wheel” and make some noise to ensure you are noticed, and the issue is addressed. If you stay quiet, your problem will be overlooked. These tips comprise only the first five minutes of this 26-minute-long episode, so there is even more valuable information to tune in for!

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Dirt Nerds on Material Sourcing and Supply Chain Issues

In the Live at Sunbelt 2022 episode, Karalynn sat down with the Dirt Nerds team to talk about material supply issues over the last few years and how they’ve changed the construction industry, especially from a legal perspective. In the interview, she discussed the pandemic’s impact on material costs and the supply chain. But don’t worry—there are ways to navigate the industry-wide materials issue.

Karalynn shared that the best way to avoid issues on material costs is to insert a clause into your bid AND contract that puts a time limit on the validity of your material cost estimate. This can be whatever you determine, but Karalynn has found in the last two years of contract creation that 30 days is a good timeframe to default to. Additionally, she advised against the signing of Guaranteed Maximum Price contracts, given that you cannot negotiate beyond the cost limit that one of those contracts places even if material costs change. Karalynn, in addition to Dirt Nerds’ other guests, April Tallman and Paul Evans, went into significantly more detail on material sourcing and supply chain issues in this 21-minute episode, so tune in and get informed!

Home Building Hero on Common Contract Pitfalls

In this fantastic episode of Home Building Hero, Karalynn sat down with host David Belman to discuss her hottest topic: Contracts! This episode dove into her perspective on how contractors can avoid the many pitfalls that come with making a bad agreement. Karalynn shared tips and tricks for reviewing and negotiating contracts and gave essential advice for those working directly with the client. She advised a few things: 

  • Karalynn encourages contractors to screen potential clients. Don’t let anybody change your process. For example, negotiation and haggling are bound to happen with any contract. But if a client asks that you completely change your process, like changing your milestone payment contract to a cost-plus contract, it’s a red flag. 
  • Charge for your consultations. Your time, effort, and transit are valuable. 
  • Never do business without a contract. If you don’t have it in writing, don’t expect to get paid. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Karalynn covered in this episode. This 35-minute listen is jam-packed with some of Karalynn’s most relevant insights into construction contracts and how to navigate signing a subcontract or doing work without a contract at all. Your work is worth protecting, and this podcast is geared toward making that a possibility.

Exploring Our External Education

Karalynn Cromeens’ 2022 guest podcasts were loaded with incredible educational escapades from both our fearless founder and numerous other construction industry influencers, and these three episodes are some of the best education and entertainment the industry has to offer. As you kick off the first quarter of 2023, take advantage of the excellent educational resources the construction community is developing. Your business is chock full of potential. Channel it and make this year the best yet for your construction business!

In Conclusion 

Knowing how to protect yourself best is essential, especially when growing your business, and having a team to support you when you’re facing the potential of getting sued is a huge advantage. The Cromeens Law Firm team is here to help keep you out of the courtroom on the front end or help you win the fight inside of it. Contact us today and set yourself up for success with the support of a legal team.

This article is intended as a general educational overview of the subject matter and is not intended to be a comprehensive survey of recent jurisprudence, nor a substitute for legal advice for a specific legal matter. If you have a legal issue, please consult an attorney.

Karalynn Cromeens

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