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Fortify Your Financial Foundation Webinar – March 22, 2022

Are you owed money? Are you tired of not being paid on time (or sometimes not at all)? Are you asking yourself what is the point of working if you are not getting paid? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this webinar is for you!

It’s so important to understand the steps it takes to create a strong legal safety net for your company. By partnering with the right legal counsel, you can achieve anything in your construction business! Join Karalynn Cromeens as she walks you through everything you need to know to be preventative in your construction business and create a legal safety net with a successful collections plan.

Imagine all of the business opportunities that open up when you can secure the money you are owed. That’s what knowing what a lien is and what your lien rights do: the knowledge opens so many doors that may have been closed before. Understanding the complex lien process and your place in the construction food chain is essential if you want to collect the money you’re owed.

Karalynn will give you clear instructions on the actions you must take to protect your rights, how to create a consistent collection strategy, and how to collect the money you are owed on your construction projects. We will discuss how to trap funds, collect your retainage, and how to reveal sham contracts.

Getting paid for your company’s work is the whole reason you are in business. So, if you are having cash flow problems, the first place you need to look is at your collection strategy. It’s up to you to make these changes, and change starts today when you sign up for our not-to-be-missed webinar! Karalynn will share her secrets to securing your right to payment on your construction projects, so you don’t have to go another day without getting paid what is rightfully yours.

This webinar is your golden ticket to payment and building a better business, so sign up today!!

Date And Time

Wed, March 22, 2022
12:00 AM – 1:00 AM CST

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Karalynn Cromeens

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