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How the Construction Industry Shaped Me

Learn About The Get Sh*t Done Tribe and What It Means to Karalynn Cromeens One of the many things that separate Karalynn Cromeens from other construction attorneys is her firsthand experience in construction. She shares her unique story of growing up in the construction industry and how it directed her to be a voice for […]

Fortify Your Financial Foundation Webinar – March 22, 2022

Are you owed money? Are you tired of not being paid on time (or sometimes not at all)? Are you asking yourself what is the point of working if you are not getting paid? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this webinar is for you! It’s so important to understand the steps […]

Quit Getting Screwed Webinar with The Blue Book Network – March 16, 2022

Every day, subcontractors across all trades face the same critical dilemma: Should I sign a subcontract I don’t understand—one that might even put my company at risk? Or should I refuse to sign and lose the job? It’s imperative you know which provisions you should expect and which ones to avoid. Attorney, and best-selling author, […]