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Construction Brothers: 65. Quit Getting Screwed (feat. Karalynn Cromeens)

Don’t Sign Your Company Away: Advice From Karalynn Cromeens

Karalynn Cromeens joins The Construction Brothers on their podcast and dives into how to keep from accidentally agreeing to clauses that could potentially put your company out of business. Since contract language can be tricky, Cromeens points out exactly which parts can hinder your business and how. Unfortunately, there are no rules protecting subcontractors, so it is best to protect your interest through education. Subcontractors should have the tools to fairly negotiate and be paid what they are owed. Having been a small business owner, Cromeens knows how inconvenient and expensive it can be to go to court. This is why she works to help her clients dodge any issues that may result in unnecessary trouble. Click here to learn more.


Karalynn Cromeens

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