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Construction Contracts: The Prime Contract

prime contract

The prime contact is by far the most in-depth of the contracts we’ve discussed so far. Not only does it include the same provisions and clauses that protect your work in a remodel/repair contract, but it also has a lot of other details that cover your ass!

Construction Contracts: The Master Subcontract Agreement

master subcontract agreement

A Master Subcontract Agreement is for GCs who consistently use the same subcontractors on the projects they take on. This kind of contract can be a huge time and effort saver for GCs who have a consistent relationship with solid subcontractors in their area and is an underutilized advantage by many construction contractors!

Construction Contracts: The Residential Remodel/Repair Contract

residential remodel repair contract

In the construction industry, a contract protects you on the front end, defend you on the back end, and manage a clear set of understood expectations between you and the owner. This blog covers the essential residential construction contract, commonly referred to as a Residential Remodel/Repair Contract.

Construction Contracts: Terms & Conditions

terms & conditions

A contract is an invaluable resource for all construction business owners across the country. However, one of the most confusing topics construction professionals must navigate when looking to get a construction contract created is what kind of contract or contracts they need for their specific business model.

Celebrating National Construction Appreciation Week

national construction appreciation week

The construction industry is one of the most essential contributors to society, keeping our infrastructure updated and our communities growing. In honor of National Construction Appreciation Week this week, we spoke with two of our local industry leaders and incredible clients to talk about what the construction industry means to them and what they love about the industry.

Liens on a Homestead

liens on a homestead in texas

Texas is a unique state when it comes to lien laws, especially in the residential world. Unlike many states, Texas is a homestead state, meaning homesteads have specific regulations for their protection—but can still also be liened under specific circumstances.

Government Construction Contracts: Filing a Bond Claim

filing bond claim

A payment bond is a guarantee of payment for anyone who is owed money for labor or materials supplied to the project on which the bond was issued. In this blog, you’ll learn how filing a bond claim can be used to your advantage.

Government Construction Contracts: Bonds

government construction contracts bonds

When it comes to working government construction contracts, bonds can be a concern if you aren’t informed about their functions and pitfalls. Knowing how best to prepare for, approach, and protect against the most common issues on projects requiring bonds is a sure-fire way to keep your construction company as protected as possible.