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The ConTechCrew: 266: Don’t Get Screwed! with Karalynn Cromeens from The Subcontractor Institute

How to Stay Afloat in The Construction Industry 

Listen to Karalynn Cromeens’ interview with “The ConTechCrew” about the easily negligible discrepancies that are actually key factors in keeping your construction company standing. As many already know, there are consequences to signing contracts that you don’t comprehend. Cromeens and the ConTech crew discuss business models that are “predicated around other people taking the dive.” This means that subcontractors may miss some things in a contract that they may not have knowingly agreed to, but nonetheless they are still committed to the agreement. If you’re a contractor who’s afraid this may happen to you or already has, tune in to see what you can do about it.  


Karalynn Cromeens

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