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Yaritsol Villanueva

Accounting Manager


Yaritsol Villanueva

Profile of Yaritsol Villanueva

I grew up surrounded by family in the construction industry. I learned at a very young age how much care and thought goes into nurturing every aspect of your business. It is your livelihood and others depend on you. Depend on us. The Cromeens Law Firm is your first step to protecting what you’ve built.


Yaritsol Villanueva (Yari) was born in Mexico and moved to the US when she was four years old. Houston raised, Yari learned about the construction industry at a young age. Growing up she was surrounded by construction work, both her father and brother worked in the construction industry for 20+ years and started their own company that deals with concrete and construction. Yari knew that she would somehow end up in that line of business when she began her career and is thrilled to be a part of The Cromeens Law Firm (TCLF) team as an Accounting Assistant. Driven to go above and beyond at her job, she is a quick learner and takes pride in her work. The ability to work for a company that has esteemed leaders that not only care for their business but also care for each person like they are family, is a blessing. Yari is very good with computers, and her team comes to her with any and all IT questions first before sourcing it out. She is passionate about learning new things and solving issues quickly. Driven to excel in everything she does, Yari delivers quality work. She is respectful of her clients and team and loves being a part of a company that believes in those same principles. When she is not working, you can find Yari photographing her beautiful children; she has a passion for photography and loves practicing her skill with her family!

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