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Natalia Cervantes



Natalia Cervantes

Profile of Natalia Cervantes

Natalia enjoys working at TCLF because she’s able to make a difference in clients’ lives. Her passion for helping others shines through the work that she does.


Natalia is a dedicated professional with a strong background in customer service. She brings over 7 years of experience and joined The Cromeens Law Firm in 2022. Natalia’s organizational skills and her pride in helping others make her an asset to the Cromeens team. Having graduated in 2018, Natalia began her journey in customer service as a bank teller, where she honed her interpersonal and communication skills. Her commitment to providing exceptional service has been a constant throughout her career. Aside from her professional endeavors, Natalia is passionate about spending time with family and friends. Her love for soccer, a sport she has been playing since her school days, reflects her commitment to teamwork and discipline. Natalia also possesses a creative side, finding joy in making floral arrangements.

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