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Karla Razo

Accounting Assistant


Karla Razo

Profile of Karla Razo

I saw my parents leave everything they knew to move to the United States. They worked diligently and sacrificed so much to establish a home and comforting life for me and my family. Here at The Cromeens Law Firm, I understand that our client’s families depend on these businesses, and I want to help protect that legacy.


Karla Razo brings a world of knowledge and professionalism to The Cromeens Law Firm and is completely devoted to her craft and her team. This native Houstonian is Honduran and Mexican and learned from the example of her hard-working parents who immigrated to the United States with no job, very little money, and who spoke very little English. She is a full-time mother, full-time accounting assistant, was the first person in her family to graduate from high school and is currently putting herself through college to earn her degree. She is passionate about providing the best life for her two beautiful daughters as well as her parents. Karla has learned that it is not only about winning a case, but rather helping their clients in any way they can. Being employed by someone who is not just thinking about the economic part, but actually taking into consideration the hard times a person is going through and seeking a solution is inspiring. Razo loves this industry as she is continuously learning and has gained a better perspective on what an individual’s rights are. When she’s not working, you might find Karla watching movies, trying new food at different restaurants, and enjoying a nice bike ride in the park or swimming. She loves dancing, traveling, and learning from different cultures.

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