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Karalynn Cromeens

Owner & Managing Partner

Licensed States: Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Georgia and Pennsylvania


Karalynn Cromeens

Karalyn Cromeens

Profile of Karalynn Cromeens

“I recognize that your company is a living breathing part of you and all of its creators. Your company’s creation and success are built from thousands of hours of dedication and time away from those you love and it deserves to be protected. At the Cromeens Law Firm, our true purpose is to protect and defend all that you have worked hard for and be your partner in business.”


Published author, devoted leader and seasoned managing partner, Karalynn Cromeens has paved the way for her team of strong, talented, and committed individuals. She has firsthand knowledge of the construction industry and understands the different obstacles that contractors face on a daily basis. Karalynn is passionate about protecting the businesses her clients have built and being a lifelong partner in their company’s success. Karalynn Cromeens is the Owner and Managing Partner for The Cromeens Law Firm, PLLC, Karalynn holds more than 17 years of experience practicing construction, real estate, and business law. Karalynn graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in criminal justice from Carroll College before attending the South Texas College of Law, where she received her Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree in 2004. Thereafter, Karalynn was employed at the Law Office of J. Tomkins as an associate attorney before founding her own firm. Within her professional career, Karalynn has successfully filed more than a thousand lawsuits to foreclose or remove mechanic’s liens, with several of those being tried to a jury. As the founder of the firm, Karalynn has grown The Cromeens Law Firm, PLLC, at a tremendous rate and serves as a mentor to several employees. With her extensive experience within the construction and real estate industries, Karalynn goes the extra mile, providing her clients with innovative legal strategies and services necessary to protect their rights. Karalynn is on a mission to educate and inform subcontractors on the importance of understanding what they are signing, negotiating a fair subcontract, and understanding their lien and collections rights. This mission was the driving force behind her books, Quit Getting Screwed: Understanding and Negotiating the Subcontract, Quit Getting Stiffed: A Texas Contractor’s Guide to Collections and Lien Rights, and the creation of The Subcontractor Institute. She also hosts the rapidly growing construction education podcast “Quit Getting Screwed” as another way of providing free educational information to contractors across the country.

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