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Ana Linero

Marketing Manager, Defensor De Los Contratistas


Ana Linero

Profile of Ana Linero

“The time I have been working at TCLF has made me see different situations and thousands of cases in which people’s rights are breached. Being part of this team that fights more and more to inform, educate, and support the construction industry makes me feel proud and encouraged to move forward.”


Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Ana brings a valuable global perspective to her position as Marketing Manager for TCLF’s Spanish division, Defensor de los Contratistas (DDLC). Before relocating to Houston in June 2022, Ana served as Marketing Director at fintech company ACH, where her focus was digital payment methods in Colombia. Prior to that, Ana held various marketing positions working in various industries such as retail, aviation, and fintech. Since joining TCLF in November 2022, Ana has worked hard to learn about our clients’ pain points and how DDLC can solve them. She prides herself in being part of a team that strives to inform, educate, and support the construction industry. When she’s not working, Ana enjoys traveling and spending time exploring Houston with her husband, Diego, and their fur baby, Zeus. She is also still searching for her favorite Houston restaurant—so let her know if you have a suggestion!

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