A Monthly Bill You Can Plan On


Is Our Subscription Plan Right for You??

  • Do you want to never again stress about how much is in your construction business’s bank account?
  • Are you writing off more than 3% of your revenue?
  • Do you have an accounting or accounts receivable department, but still aren’t able to collect all of your open invoices?
  • Do you need a comprehensive collections strategy – one that includes more than just sending notices and filing liens and bond claims?
  • Are you using an online lien-filing service, but need customer support and better results?
  • Do you need help reviewing contracts and negotiating fair terms?
  • Do you want a flat rate for your legal services, one that you can budget for each month?
  • Do you have projects that are over a year old that you haven’t been able to collect on or projects where you missed your lien deadlines?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our legal subscription program may be the right fit for you.
Our limited-availability subscription program was built for construction businesses that have between $7 million and $50 million in annual revenue, who have recurring collection and/or legal needs. This plan is designed for construction businesses that are looking for a partner in business to help them grow and become more profitable. We have helped some of our subscription clients lower their write offs from over 3% to less than 0.01%! What would it mean to YOU and your business if you could write off less than 0.01%?

Apply now to find out if you qualify!  

    Easy as 1,2,3

    With The Cromeens Law Firm, you can choose the plan that best fits your legal needs and budget. Our subscription plans cover an array of legal needs from collections to even lawsuits and OSHA defense, all for one flat monthly rate!
    Subscription Plan

    Everything You’ve Been Looking For

    As a contractor, no one would accept your bid if you could not provide a firm price. Why should attorneys not be held to that same standard? Here at The Cromeens Law Firm, we think billable hours are outdated and do not meet a modern construction company’s needs.  

    Some key aspects of our subscription plans are: 


    A monthly bill you can depend on. No more unexpected legal fees. No more surprises. Our monthly subscription plan fits your budget and saves you money. 


    Unlimited Convenience

    Having a subscription plan in place will allow you to access our legal team whenever you need. We are always at your disposal and ready to assist you. 



    We believe in being proactive. You are taking the preventative approach to protect yourself and your hard-earned money by taking advantage of our monthly subscription. 

    You Can Have Our Attorneys at Your Disposal at a Reliable Flat Rate. 

    Start Today 

    We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our firm can be proactive about protecting your business. Call The Cromeens Law firm today to speak to someone about our detailed subscription plans that will best fit your legal needs. Our legal team is ready to serve you. The health of your business is our main priority. 713.715.7334.