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RCLA for the Contractor Webinar – Aug 11

Attention: Residential Contractors – This RCLA Webinar is for YOU!

About this event

When facing the fury of a displeased homeowner, it can often feel as though you have no protection on your project. Fortunately for Texas contractors, legislation is in place to protect and support your rights on residential projects. That legislation is most commonly referred to as RCLA.

Kelly Stamy is here to teach you everything you need to know about the RCLA process and what happens if the process is not followed. The construction industry has come a long way prior to RCLA being enacted between the homeowner and residential contractor. By attending this webinar you will learn how to best avoid conflict with homeowners while learning the ins and outs of the RCLA process as well as the best practices to live by to avoid costly litigation down the road.

As much as you try to prevent them, issues will still arise. Knowing what a homeowner can sue you for is the first step in preventing or mitigating their potential interference with your productivity and payment. Learn how to deal with and resolve conflict with homeowners. To ensure you are protecting your business as best as possible, join us for our not to be missed webinar!

More about Kelly Stamy:

Houston native, Kelly Stamy, is fiercely focused on tailoring creative solutions to everyone she works with. The care she gives her clients is transparent in the way she is committed to helping them identify and achieve their goals. Her commitment to her clients is evident in her willingness to build strong, lasting relationships with them. Kelly attended Houston Baptist University for her undergraduate degree, and shortly after attended South Texas College of Law in 2015. She became licensed to practice in the Southern District of Texas by taking the Texas State Bar. Kelly previously worked for Fiddler & Associates, P.C. where she received practice in employment disputes, wage/hour disputes, and representing businesses. Upon joining The Cromeens Law Firm and becoming an associate attorney, she typically represents homeowners; works on residential construction liability cases, contract disputes, and lien cases.

Date And Time

Wed, August 11, 2021
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CDT

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