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Power to the Trades: Episode #24 Karalynn Cromeens from the Subcontractor Institute

How Good Contracts and Clouds Can Save The Day 

Karalynn Cromeens joined eSUB Construction Software’s podcast “Power to the Trades” to chime in on the topic of the power inherent within the construction industry. Cromeens states that she feels there is power in working in the trades, folks just always don’t know how much. For her, it has always been in the plan to educate trade contractors on negotiation and knowing their lien rights, and show them the power they truly hold. In addition, you can hear about the impact that technology has had on contractors and the construction industry overall. Karalynn reminisces on a time where hours were spent looking for paper documents. Today, with the help of storage Apps and cloud software, wasting time rummaging through papers is a thing of the past. This podcast is packed with helpful information and great topics. Click here to listen. 


Karalynn Cromeens

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