HUB Certification: It’s Tedious But Possible

With the construction industry in San Antonio growing by leaps and bounds it’s good to stay up to date on everything you may need to get the bids to grow your business. You may not have thought about getting HUB certified but it would open a new market for you. With the San Antonio housing industry growing, the local government is building and growing its resources of housing to match. HUB certification allows you to bid on these projects that can give you slow yet consistent return.

The process of getting HUB certified can be tedious. At the Cromeens Law Firm you can contact our San Antonio office to do the process for you. But, if you’re up for it, you can work on the certification process yourself. Just be prepared to hunker down and plow through a lot of paperwork.

So grab your coffee and let’s get into the nitty gritty!

The process in San Antonio to get HUB certified is pretty different than the process in Houston and honestly, a little more complicated. In Bexar county you can either go through the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency or the Texas Comptroller’s office. I would go through the Comptroller’s office because it seems like the SCTRCA is not that helpful (no one answers the phone and you can’t leave a message).


  • HUB certification is free and is good for 4 years.
  • Bexar County has a goal of minimum 20% of procurement is spent with minority or women-owned businesses

Eligibility requirements:

  • US citizen that resides in Texas
  • Minority, women or veteran who owns 51% of a business
  • Principal place of business must be located in Texas
  • Must meet size standards of 13 CFR § 121.201 – most businesses will meet this standard; it depends on the industry the business is in. Here’s a link to help determine if they qualify:

You have to fill out an application here.

Once that is filled out, you have to print it and mail it in. You have to attach a bunch of documents depending on what kind of business you have. I have attached the checklist for all the business types to this email.

The application just needs basic information: name of organization, ownership, structure, and addresses. I’ve also attached the list of documents a business needs to supply based on which kind of business they are.

This process may be time consuming, but in the end it’ll help you get more business for your company. The San Antonio Construction industry is growing as the city grows and it’s important to be open to the opportunities awaiting you.

Have some questions about the process? Give us a call. We’re happy to help guide you.