Post-Judgment Collections​


Helping Individuals And Businesses With Post-Judgment Collections


Simply because you have won a judgment against someone for failure to pay on a debt does not mean you are automatically going to get paid. Many times it requires further pressure to protect your right to the compensation you deserve.


Performing post-judgment collections is not something that many attorneys do well, but the lawyers of The Cromeens Law Firm have a long track record of success in this field. If you or your business has won a judgment against another party, we will work quickly and aggressively to enforce this judgment and collect what you are owed.


We Take the Right Measures to Make Sure You Get Paid


Here in Houston and throughout Texas, debtors enjoy an extensive list of laws that protect them, which is why it can be hard to successfully collect. Many attorneys shy away from this area of the law because it requires a balanced aggressive and persistent approach, and even with a judgment in your favor, you still may not be successful in collecting. We will use every avenue at our disposal to help you get positive results, including:


  • Seizing bank accounts
  • Seizing assets from a business
  • Getting a receiver appointed to take over a business until it pays
  • Seizing real estate property


Taking a paper judgment and turning it into real money is difficult, but we are well-suited to help you. Call our office at 713-715-7334 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options.