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Change Orders Webinar

Change is inevitable…but are you fully prepared for it in your construction jobs? Join Joseph Munoz, at our Free Webinar, and learn how to master the process of change orders in your construction projects and how to protect yourself by understanding what is in your contracts. RSVP for our free webinar! Date And Time Wed, […]

Change Orders: Common Pitfalls

Construction Change Order

Construction projects rarely go according to plan; there are so many unpredictable factors that it’s impossible to create the perfect plan. There may be times when the owner wants to modify the project. This could change the scope of your work, the amount owed for the project, or the time needed to complete the project. This is where the change order comes into play. Let’s take a look at the basics of change orders in construction, and the common pitfalls contractors face.

Change Orders

As a subcontractor, you should always remember that Contracts protect the ones who draft them. However, if you understand the expectations from the beginning, you can generally avoid conflict or at least, prepare and create records to support any potential claim. As morbid as it seems, the best way to prevent litigation is to prepare for it from the outset.

Scope of Work Gone Wrong: The Ramifications

Scope of Work Gone Wrong

As anyone in the construction industry knows, a construction project never goes according to plan. Unfortunately, there are just too many things that can go wrong. Between weather delays, change orders, and, inevitably, lawsuits, there will always be something that goes awry. Owners or general contractors who provide a scope of work to subcontractors must ensure they provide the most accurate list of work possible.

Chapter 4: Scope of Work

Construction Law Lessons Learned in the Courtroom

Chapter 4 of Quit Getting Screwed, by Karalynn Cromeens  Lioncrest Publishing “They can’t deduct $23,000 from what they owe me for lintels; I never agreed to provide the lintels,” Jeff said in a panic. “Structural steel subcontractors never provide the lintels; the masonry subcontractor would provide those.”  Jeff owns Super Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection Subcontractor. […]

Chapter 2: Subcontract Documents

flat fee contract review

Chapter 2 of Quit Getting Screwed, by Karalynn Cromeens  Lioncrest Publishing The first rule about subcontracts is…there are no rules. Whatever you sign in a subcontract will be used against you. “What do you mean I have to pay delay damages of $500 per day for every day the completion date is delayed? That was not […]

Flat-Fee Pricing: Contract Review Service

flat fee contract review

The construction industry is known for its complex legal landscape. From project delays to payment disputes, there are many legal issues that contractors must navigate to ensure the success of their business. A well-drafted contract is one of the most important tools in a contractor’s legal arsenal. A solid contract can protect a contractor’s interests […]

Construction Contracts: The Residential Remodel/Repair Contract

residential remodel repair contract

In the construction industry, a contract protects you on the front end, defend you on the back end, and manage a clear set of understood expectations between you and the owner. This blog covers the essential residential construction contract, commonly referred to as a Residential Remodel/Repair Contract.