In this episode of the Quit Getting Screwed Podcast, our host Karalynn sits down with Erika Mosse, Content Director for Pro Remodeler. With more than 20 years of experience in journalism and advocacy for small businesses, Erika has a wealth of knowledge and insights to share with our audience.

In this interview, we learn about Erika’s start at Pro Remodeler and how her passion for small business advocacy has evolved over time. She also shares some of her most memorable experiences covering the business industry, including her numerous Jesse H. Neal award wins.

Erika discusses her challenges as the Editorial Director for Pool & Spa News and how she overcame them. She also advocates for bringing more women into the residential construction industry and shares her insights on some of the biggest trends in the industry as well as how they’re evolving.

As a speaker and advocate for small businesses, Erika offers advice for entrepreneurs starting in the industry and dispels some common misconceptions about the residential construction industry. She also shares some of the most rewarding experiences she’s had in her career as a journalist and advocate for small businesses.

Don’t miss this insightful episode as Erika and Karalynn discuss the industry and its future. Watch now to learn more about Erika’s career and her long-term goals for the industry.

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